Looney Tunes Dash
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Looney Tunes Dash
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Looney Tunes Dash Description

What’s up, doc? Run through iconic Looney Tunes episodes and play as your favorite characters from the much loved cartoons. Can you escape the notoriously evil bunny hunter and avoid the barrels of his shotgun? Prove it by dashing through the app...


Looney Tunes Dash is a free-to-play mobile game where players run through endless obstacles to try and escape being captured. Slide, duck, dive and crash through the stages in this casual app, as you are chased by notorious villains from the Looney Tunes cartoon. Similar to Temple Run and Subway Surfers, you must use your touchscreen to navigate through the levels and avoid its many obstacles. As the game progresses, you will need quick reflexes and agile thinking to avoid the traps as you race away from famous Warner Brothers villains.

Play as your favorite characters from the quirky Looney Tunes cartoon, each with their own style of running. Characters include the carrot-eating bunny called Bugs and the sarcastic little yellow canary called Tweety Bird. And let's not forget Road Runner, the meep-meeping ostrich that is already an expert in the art of quick getaways.

Each character in this free-to-play mobile game will be chased by their corresponding villain in the cartoon. Elmer Fudd is one of your pursuers and he will be hunting you down with his double-barrel shot gun, so Bugs Bunny had better watch out. Then none other than the lousy black and white cat, Sylvester, will be on your tail chasing down the poor little Tweety Bird, whilst that dastardly coyote will be trying to catch the speedy Road Runner.

You will come across other famous characters in Looney Tunes Dash that you will have to avoid by jumping and winding around them, such as Taz, the tornado spinning Tasmanian Devil. Whilst this game can be categorized as an endless runner, the levels do in fact have finish lines, allowing you to progress level by level. The roads will wind their way around increasingly difficult scenery until you reach the end where you will be safe. In Tweety Bird’s case, safe in the arms of his beloved caretaker, Granny.

This game is available as a free download for iOS and Android mobiles and tablets.

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