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Loadout Description

Don't be fooled by the comic look because this shooter is not for the faint-hearted. Blood, guts and raw violence - this online game has everything that a gnarly gamer wants. Create your own weapons and use them on enemy players to see what they can do.


As a wise gamer once said: He who knows how to adapt, wins. Whether you are using healing goo or buffing up your allies’ damage output, your team members will thank you. Stunning your opponent with poisonous projectiles is another way of getting a leg up in Loadout. The faster you can defeat the other team, the more successful you will be. Make sure to communicate with other players because movement and the right timing are key when it comes to winning a match. Being victorious not only gives you the ultimate bragging rights, but also earns you character experience points. Collect enough of them and you will soon be able to gain a level or two. This gives you an advantage over other players, as each level unlocks new equipment and weapon parts.

Now, what would you do with parts of a gun? Turn them into new ones, of course. In Loadout, you get to pull the trigger of guns which you fabricated with your very own hands. If you enjoy blowing things up, go ahead and craft a rocket launcher. Are you interested in missiles that stick to your enemies before exploding into little bits and pieces? Knock yourself out. This way, you can adjust your weaponry to the play style that makes you happy. Keep in mind that you can always change selected parts or completely disassemble previously built machine guns to recover valuable components.

Loadout has four different game modes which you can play through. While their names sound somewhat peculiar, the rules are similar to other shooters. First off, we have Control Point Blitz: Work with your teammates to control certain points by raising your flag. To capture a camp, it has to be active - and only one can be active at a time. First come, first serve! In Deatch Snatch, teamwork is the absolute key to winning. Kill enemy players to receive their Blutonium vials. The magical fluid not only gives you a certain amount of points, but also makes it possible to revive fallen allies. Extraction requires one player in each team to be the designated collector, picking up as many blue crystals as possible. Be careful, as the resource is highly explosive. Last but not least, we have Jack Hammer, a map in which it is your goal to steal the other team’s hammer. Bringing it back to your own base will give you plenty of points, but killing your foe with the massive melee weapon will work just as well.

Loadout Screenshots

Loadout Screenshot-0Loadout Screenshot-1Loadout Screenshot-2Loadout Screenshot-3Loadout Screenshot-4Loadout Screenshot-5Loadout Screenshot-6Loadout Screenshot-7Loadout Screenshot-8Loadout Screenshot-9Loadout Screenshot-10Loadout Screenshot-11Loadout Screenshot-12Loadout Screenshot-13Loadout Screenshot-14Loadout Screenshot-15Loadout Screenshot-16Loadout Screenshot-17Loadout Screenshot-18Loadout Screenshot-19Loadout Screenshot-20Loadout Screenshot-21Loadout Screenshot-22

Loadout Videos

  • Loadout: PlayStation 4 Release Trailer

    12/08/2014 06:33 am - Fans of blood, guts, and violence will be pleased to hear that this action-packed shooting game is coming to the PlayStation 4, so expect to see even more PvP gore after it's released on 16th December. Watch the PS4 trailer here!...more

  • Loadout: Loading into (Pun Intended) the PS4

    06/09/2014 03:20 am - We here at get really excited whenever free-to-play games find their way onto next-gen consoles. The action shooter Loadout is going to be released on PlayStation 4 soon bringing all the wacky action to console players......more

  • Loadout: New Game Mode to Celebrate Release

    01/22/2014 10:20 am - Now that the free-to-play shooter has officially been launched, feel free to join the action and squash your enemy to bits...more

Loadout News

  • Loadout: PlayStation 4 Release Coming this Month!

    12/08/2014 08:02 am - Players can expect to see more gore than ever this Christmas with Loadout being released for the PlayStation 4 on 16th December. This free-to-play game mixes blood, guts, and high-adrenaline action with comicbook-style graphics and easy-to-use contro...more

  • Loadout: Announcing the PlayStation 4 Release

    06/09/2014 04:25 am - What do Planetside 2, War Thunder, and Loadout have in common? Sure, all three of them are action-packed games, they are free-to-play, and MMO experiences. Soon, they will have another trait in common, as announced by Loadout’s publisher Edge of Real...more

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