Livelock: New Action-Strategy Game launches today

08/30/2016 07:45 am by Nico Trendelkamp in NewsDownload GamesPC Games



Get ready for a new type of action-strategy game! The stage is set. Publisher and developer Perfect World Entertainment will launch Livelock later today, at 6:30 pm GMT to be precise.

Livelock is a traditional cooperative top-down shooter that can be played solo or with two friends or strangers to form a small squad. To be prepared for the intense battles you take control of one of three different mech suits, each with its own unique specifications and characteristics. Hex, for example, is best suited for players who want to deal a big amount of damage to the target. Players who choose Vanguard will primarily use melee attacks and redirect enemy attention towards themselves. Catalyst is the best choice for gamers that don’t want to be on the front lines; Long range attacks are the main features of this character class. But be careful, as your opponents have similar abilities and they are not afraid to use them.

Official Story Trailer:

To celebrate the launch of Livelock we have teamed up with the well-known streamer JackFrags! Drop by his stream to watch the action.

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