Little Raiders - Robin's Revenge: Update with a Big New Boss

02/05/2015 06:00 am by William Hankin in NewsRPGAdventure

Little Raiders

Little Raiders

This cute RPG is being updated with lots of new features to keep all raiders occupied. Ubisoft (Anno Online, Silent Hunter Online) is going all-out with this free-to-play title’s new patch, introducing new quests and missions, among many other improvements. Plus, for those players that deem themselves strong enough, there’s a new formidable boss to take on. Before going forth into battle though, players should make sure they have what it takes to bring him down, as this is no easily defeated foe!
Players that are done with all the new quests, missions, and bosses in Little Raiders: Robin’s Revenge should head down to the Old Oak and check out all the new building upgrades, which are sure to inspire more construction on their vertical tree house villages.

Stay tuned for more Little Raiders: Robin's Revenge news!

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