Little Raiders - Robin's Revenge: New Update But Currently Offline

12/19/2014 04:29 am by William Hankin in NewsRPGAdventure

Little Raiders

Little Raiders

The server for this cute little RPG is currently offline as it undergoes maintenance. Players will need to be patient as they are experiencing a few teething problems with the new update, but Ubisoft (Anno OnlineThe Settlers Online) have promised it will be back online soon with better connection and stability. So hold tight and read on to find out what's in this troublesome new update!

Players can expect to see lots of new features including upgraded weapons, better special moves, and some improvements to Vulcan's trading post. There are also new leaderboards on Facebook and in the Game Centre, so players can see how they are faring compared to their friends online. Plus, Turk, our recently reformed ally, has discovered something through his alchemy research: Special move cool-down reductions.
More stories are being added to the Little Raiders: Robin's Revenge fairy tale, most of which involve that evil, meddling sheriff. Rumor has it that he is stepping up his game and has put out a new Wanted system, making it harder than ever for Robin to steal from the rich and give to the poor.
Stay tuned for more Little Raiders: Robin's Revenge news!

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