Little Raiders: Robin's Revenge
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Little Raiders: Robin's Revenge
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Little Raiders: Robin's Revenge Description

Welcome to Sherwood Forest, the location for Robin Hood’s famous hideout! This is the setting for Ubisoft’s mobile game for iOS and Android devices.


The legendary tale of Robin Hood has been retold over and over again. Whether the myth is based on fact or fiction is hard to tell anymore, but what remains are the core morals of the folklore - helping the ones in need, fighting against injustice, and creating equality. These heroic themes have inspired writers, directors, and game developers to retell the story - each in their very own way. The folks over at Ubisoft are following this tradition by releasing a mobile game based on the iconic folklore.

Little Raiders: Robin’s Revenge is Future Games’ and Ubisoft’s very own version of the famous outlaw who helps the poor. The mobile game is an exclusive iOS and Android app and available for iPhones and iPads. Download it on your mobile device and take Robin Hood’s adventures wherever you go. The app is best described as a mix between action-RPG, adventure, and strategic build’em-ups. The unique mix of genres is bound to appeal to a great number of players. If you’re a fan of cartoony graphics, then you have every reason to give Little Raiders: Robin’s Revenge a try.

The free-to-play app allows you to experience Robin Hood’s journey from the very beginning. The story begins after the reckless sheriff attacks and destroys Robin’s home town. This is the turning point in his life which causes him to become an outlaw and rise against all authorities. You will make sure that he succeeds. Build an army of raiders by recruiting loyal villagers who want to support you. Claim the Old Oak in Sherwood Forest and make it your hideout and new home. More than 15 different building types await you in the free-to-play RPG.

Every good army needs to be well equipped with weapons and armor. Collect and equip your raiders with one of more than 200 weapons and battle it out against dozens of different enemy types. Hundreds of missions await you, some of which end in heated boss battles.

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