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Lineage 2
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Lineage 2 Description

In the Fantasy MMORPG world that is Lineage II, you can make your mark and help decide the fate of the three kingdoms, struggling to coexist in this expansive online world.


The struggle between these three kingdoms plays out in the form of constant war across the two continents of Lineage II. Because of the constant strife across the two continents, none of the three kingdoms have a secure foothold in their own regions. On one continent, the kingdom of Elmore reigns over the northern region while Aden controls the southern parts. The third kingdom, Gracia is one continent removed from the other two but faces its own problems due to strife from within.

You will be thrown straight into the fray when getting started in Lineage II. There is however one significant difference between you and the other denizens of the three kingdoms, namely that you have control over powerful spells and abilities to aid you in your quest and help keep your enemies at bay. Your abilities are determined by which class you choose to master and you can further specialize your characters powers and utility by selecting one of the 31 professions to study.

Like most MMORPG’s you will spend a lot of time early on in the game defeating monsters to improve your hero and move up in level and skill, saving the PvP elements of Lineage II for later in the game. Nonetheless, PvP will play a large role in Lineage II, letting you do battle alongside and against fellow players. Discover the wonders that await and secure your place in the lore of Lineage II.

by Jonathan Smith

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