Line of Defense
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Line of Defense
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Line of Defense Description

Fight across the stars and push the frontlines forward in vehicles or with powerful weapons. Exterminate your opposition before they get the chance to take you out and claim your land as their own...


Line of Defense is a MMO which puts you in the front seat of full-on PvP action. Travel across the galaxy and fight in far-away star systems. All you will need is your weapons and some good luck to get started but make sure you are ready for what lies ahead.

There are two different factions struggling for control of the space lanes and the planets in between in Line of Defense. You must choose to fight for either the Galactic Alliance or Terran Insurgents. Both factions have the same four classes for you to be and master.

Though you are not able to customize your character in Line of Defense, your class is going to be completely unique. There are four, set base classes that you will use to get a template for your character, but after that, the choice is yours.

Line of Defense is all about the combat. The principals of the game are essentially an action shooter with a large player base. Become a heavy soldier with incredibly powerful weapons and take on your enemies head on or you could choose to sneak behind the lines with cloak abilities as a sniper and hack into their base, disrupting their operations.

The more experience you earn, or CEP, in Line of Defense, you will be able to unlock new abilities and earn certificates. These certificates determine whether or not you can drive certain vehicles, can construct buildings or even command a fireteam.

A fireteam is a group of thirty-two players that work together as a unit. It is Line of Defense’s version of a guild. You have the option to lead a fireteam into battle if you are skilled enough or earned the proper achievements. Set waypoints, select objectives and send groups of real players into combat as you think it will be most beneficial for your team.

Non-stop combat across vast continents and the stars await you in the action online game Line of Defense. Pilot starships, build command centers and take the fight to your enemy with a vast array of weapons in a persistent world that is always contested between two forces...

by Kyle Hayth

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