Lime Odyssey: Warrior Battle Class Highlighted for Upcoming MMORPG

03/26/2012 04:02 am in News

Publishers of free-to-play online games, Aeria Games, have released some more information in regards to their upcoming MMORPG, Lime Odyssey. They have highlighted the Warrior Class and also released some new screenshots for you to check out.
Lime Odyssey

Lime Odyssey

Due to arrive in North America later this year, the upcoming free-to-play MMORPG, Lime Odyssey, will take you to an online fantasy world filled with danger and mystery. To help players get a little more familiar with the title, publishers Aeria Games have highlighted the hard-hitting Warrior Class.

All warriors will begin their journey for the sacred Lime with one skill point to unlock a new ability, as well as the "Wild Charge" skill, which can inflict massive melee damage on your opponents. As you level up your Warrior in Lime Odyssey, you will be able to choose either the Attack or Defense skill trees.

The Attack Skill tree is much like it sounds – it is to focus on powerful attacks that will leave your enemies struggling to fight back. The Defense Skill tree will give you the ability to not only defend yourself, but your comrades as well when taking on powerful bosses.

To check out some of the new screenshots of the Warrior Class in action, you can visit our Lime Odyssey game description page.

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