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Lime Odyssey
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Lime Odyssey Description

Join the epic search for the long forgotten LIME of God's fruit in the Saferant Kingdom. Explore the world as one of three unique character classes - Human, Turga or Pam...


Lime Odyssey is a fantasy-themed client game set in the intricate world of the Saferant Kingdom. You roam the world as one of three classes with a loyal pet companion, engaging in combat and uncovering the mystery behind the elusive LIME of God's fruit. Collect various items and use your crafting skills to create magical equipment, learn a useful trade, and build up your very own house in Lime Odyssey.

The MMORPG Lime Odyssey is rich in character development, and the three playable races include Humans, Turgas and Pams. The Humans are nomadic and wise, are highly skilled in crafting, and live in the blue coral land. The Turgas are fierce and lion-like, with strong features, and reside in the grasslands. The Pams are nimble, mouse-like in appearance and swift, using spiritual powers to overthrow their enemies. There are also several professions your character can excel in including Blacksmith, Tailor, Chef and Ceremoner. In addition to this, there are four battle classes in Lime Odyssey including Fighter, Magician, Cleric and Thief.

There are number of colorful and rich instances in the web game Lime Odyssey including the dusty plains of West Tumbara Meadow, the lush Forest of the Blue Coral and the rich Lichil’s Pastureland. Explore each of them in search of new adventures, unique items and intense battles against enemy players, quirky monsters and NPCs. The anime-style MMORPG Lime Odyssey has a vast array of features to experience. Help the people of the Saferant Kingdom to uncover the mysteries behind the LIME, and protect it from getting into the wrong hands.

by Kyle Hayth

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