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Limbo Description

Puzzles, horror adventures and a bit of jump-and-run: Welcome to Limbo, a world in which darkness has taken over and evil creatures lurk in the shadows. Help a little boy on his quest to find his sister and avoid traps at all costs...


Long gone are the days of hidden indie games that get overlooked. These days, games made by independent developers tend to be just as popular as big AAA titles, no doubt. One of the very first games that ushered in this new indie wave was Limbo, a black-and-white adventure game that put players in the shoes of a little boy. Its unique atmosphere and horror theme turned the side-scrolling video game into a huge success, leaving thousands of players in terror. And by terror we mean this uneasy feeling that we love so much, the feeling we get whenever we get to delve into new scary fantasy worlds.

Limbo was first released for Windows computers in 2010, Mac and Linux followed shortly after. Because the platformer quickly reached cult status among gamers, Playdead decided to also bring the eerie atmosphere over to mobile devices in 2013. Now, Limbo is available for a price on PlayStation Vita and iOS smartphones and tablets. The controls have pretty much stayed the same in the mobile game, as there’s nothing too complex about how Limbo is played. Simply move the little boy across the different levels, push and pull objects to get ahead and jump to overcome obstacles.

As you play through different levels and unlock new challenges in Limbo, you get to know a little more about what drives the young boy to crawl through tunnels, climb ledges and trigger booby traps: He’s on the lookout for his sister who has gone missing. Can you help him uncover the dark secret that surrounds his sibling’s disappearance? Then make sure to avoid the massive spider that has its sights set on you during almost the entire playthrough.

But not only nefarious monsters are out to get you in Limbo, as human beings are just as ruthless when it comes to stopping you from reaching your goal. Upon death, you will have to restart the level from the very beginning. That’s okay though! Time to come up with another strategy and try again...

Limbo Screenshots

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