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Lightbringers Description

Hack and slay your way through hordes of monsters that have been corrupted to fight for the dark side. As you guide your hero through dungeons and infernal chambers, you stumble across legendary loot and new adventures. Are you ready to save humanity?


Illuminating dark fantasy worlds is no easy task, but someone has to do it. Otherwise, the entire population of the Lightbringers universe is doomed to becoming soulless zombies that have only one goal in life: to destroy. Prove to your arch-nemesis that you have what it takes to not only change the course of history, but also save every living being from being sucked into darkness. Pick a hero and find out what it means to be a righteous champion in this free-to-play online game.

Similar to games like The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot or Path of Exile, this roleplaying title is based on hack’n’slay combat. Not sure what that means? It means that in order to be successful, you are required to use your weapons to make your way through masses of demons. Three weapon types are currently available in Lightbringers, namely a sword, a chakram and a staff. Keep in mind that certain stats will boost your hero to new heights - whether that is in terms of critical damage, armor class or hit point recovery.

Cleansing the online world of dark creatures grants you experience points: the more monsters you send back to hell, the faster your character advances. Every level unlocks new talents and increases your attributes, ultimately turning you into one of the strongest warriors the fantasy world has ever seen. Lightbringers is available on both Facebook and mobile devices.

This mobile game offers players various ways to customize their character either through allocating skill points, equipping unique items or using orbs to craft new equipment. Setting yourself apart from other guardians in this free-to-play title is always a good call - especially if you decide to join forces with friends. Lightbringers allows you to team up with up to three allies in multiplayer co-op gameplay, regardless of whether they are playing on the PC, the iPhone, iPad or their Android device.

Lightbringers Screenshots

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