Lies of Astaroth
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Lies of Astaroth
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Lies of Astaroth Description

Join thousands of other players in a free mobile app that has everything you would expect from a card game: valiant heroes, strategy turn-based battles, ways to customize your deck and, most importantly, cards. Collect them all to defeat the competition!


Card games are all the rage these days, even on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. There’s really nothing more casual than being able to turn it out in fierce card battles while on your way to school or work. Being on the go pretty much always gives you an opportunity to come up with new deck ideas and really work on your strategy before diving into the next challenge. Lies of Astaroth is one of these free mobile card games, allowing you to unlock new minions, spells and items as you play through dozens of unique missions and fantasy quests. The bigger your collection, the more possibilities you have when going up against computer opponents or other players.

With each new level you reach in Lies of Astaroth, your hero’s total cost increases. Here, cost determines how many cards you can put in your deck and use in all fantasy battles. Every card belongs to a certain class in this free mobile game: Kingdom, Forest, Wilderness and Hell. These classes come with different attributes which should be kept in mind when charging into battle, as knowing when and where to use your cards' strengths can help you defeat even the toughest of competitors. The online game is based on an energy system, meaning that you can only do so many challenges before you have to wait a little bit for your resources to restore.

Your goal is to bring the opposing hero’s health down to zero. In what way you try to accomplish this particular task is entirely up to you: Use minions to unleash powerful attacks or cast spells to move up in the world of Lies of Astaroth. Hundreds of illustrated cards are currently available, and it’s up to you to collect them all. Imbue them with elemental runes to set yourself apart from other players and create a deck that no one has ever dared to come up with before. Lies of Astaroth is available for iOS and Android mobile devices as a free download.

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