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Level R
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Level R Description

Experience many fast-paced and action-packed races on different tracks! Try to be the first to cross the finish line and climb higher in the rankings...


The client game Level R requires your undivided attention. As a beginner you have four different cars to choose from. Pick one you want to use to race with throughout the levels and routes later on.

Your goal, of course, is to constantly improve, to drive better cars and to develop your character. You can reach higher levels by solving different tasks and tests - such as a driving test-, and by gaining experience.

In Level R, it always comes down to who is the fastest in the race and can cross the finish line first. By winning, you collect experience points and get promoted to higher levels.

The control and driving effects of Level R are so well done that the car racing feels quite realistic. This eases you into the game, and with some driving skills you will soon acquire renown among the racers.
As regards the modes, Level R is very versatile too and gives you a large range of options. If you play the Simulation-VS mode you can go racing, set track records and even ram vehicles. The Thunder Alley mode requires all of your skills as you compete against 20 players. Maximum speeds of up to 360 kilometers per hour can be reached. As in a real race, you also need to refuel and avoid to crash into other cars.

In addition to these two modes of game play, there are eight other modes that are even more challenging for you. At the end you have the chance to become the new racing driver champion. Since Level R is a multiplayer game, you can race with friends or compete on your own against unknown opponents.

The detailed tuning of automobiles, the high-quality 3D graphics, the number of different cars and the character development provide variety in the game.

by Kyle Hayth

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