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Let's Hunt
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Let's Hunt Description

Get ready for an adventurous hunt! Move around as quietly as you can, lie down in the thicket, and hunt down one animal after the next!


Your journey begins in a picturesque forest – in the midst of waterfalls, pine trees, and rocky hills. Here, you will have to blend in with the environment as best as you can, as you keep an eye open for deer, foxes, and ducks. Your number one rule is to never get over-excited once you see an animal, as you don’t want to scare them away. Instead, you should wait for the optimal moment before you shoot. This is your constant struggle in Let’s Hunt! In the beginning of the hunting game, you will merely have a pretty basic gun that you will have to get used to. Don’t worry though, as it will do for now. The attached gunsight allows you to zoom closer to your target, as you aim for its head or heart. If you know anything about hunting, you should know that the number one goal is to kill the animal in one shot. Wounding it is considered torturous.

Let’s Hunt features numerous unique quests and missions that allow you to thoroughly explore the 3D-landscapes. Each mission tells you which species to hunt down – which can get quite difficult, but also pretty dangerous. One of these quests could challenge you to hunt a deer in a limited amount of shots for example. Succeeding in some of these quests can be particularly difficult to achieve for animals that are rarely still. These species might even have to be shot while they are running, hopping, or flying away. Your skills as a sniper will definitely be put to the test.

After each mission, you will receive a certain amount of money that allows you to upgrade your weapon, or even purchase a new one. Aside from shotguns and rifles, Let’s Hunt also features arrows and bows allowing you to become a silent killer. Succeeding in quests also enables you to improve some of your attributes such as your damage, range, and aim.

If you thought that such an extensive and beautiful 3D game would have to be downloaded first, you are dead wrong. Let’s Hunt allows you to explore the entire world by simply logging into your Facebook account.

Let's Hunt Screenshots

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