Let's Farm: Creepy New Halloween Update

10/29/2014 05:55 am by William Hankin in NewsBrowser GamesSimulation

Let's Farm

Let's Farm

It appears this year the internet is going Halloween crazy with pumpkins and bats galore. Farm simulation games like Hay Day and Goodgame Big Farm are loading up with all sorts of spooky additions and it is seemingly impossible to browse a game's homepage without at least one mention of a Jack O' Lantern. Well, Let’s Farm is no exception…

Players can now construct a new spooky house to add to their bustling farms. Exactly what a scary house has to do with agriculture we’ll never know. None the less, this ‘terrifying’ property has all the quirks you might expect with a crow's talon for a base and spider webs throughout. This house belongs to a creepy new character called Winfred who possesses a purple pointy hat and a broom stick. Hmm, wonder why that is, could it be because she is (cue nail-biting) a witch? Other new characters include Dracula and the wandering, murmuring zombie that was once Frankenstein's experiment.
There are also new tasks to enjoy where players can win diamonds and the chance to visit a mysterious graveyard.  What is more, you can now produce unique Halloween objects, including blood-curdling Jack O' Lanterns and (prepare for the fright of your life)... gingerbread men!

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