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LEGO Universe
What to expect:
  • Play in the Lego Universe and Build Anything You Can Think of.
  • Massove MMO Universe Full of Players
  • Explore Hundreds of Small Worlds
  • Play with your Friends for Free
  • Download Games
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  • Lego
  • Fantasy
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LEGO Universe Description

As a dark Maelstrom of chaos threatens to destroy imagination altogether, you must help stop it by battling back the darkness and its creatures.


The darkness is spreading across the LEGO Universe and you must master skills and battle the dark creatures known as Stormlings to prevent the total destruction of imagination. Along with thousands of other players, you can use your creativity to advance to new worlds and build your own creations in order to stop the Maelstrom and fight for the Nexus Force.

LEGO Universe is an MMO made for kids and LEGO fans alike. Like other MMOs, you play with your created character and battle creatures and villians in the virtual world. There are hundreds of options to choose from when creating your own unique character with which to explore the world.

A unique feature of the game enables you to build a preset LEGO construction or make your own creation brick-by-brick. This allows you to build anything you can imagine, and challenges you to use your creativity. What is even more impressive is that every player is given their own piece of property on which to build in the LEGO Universe. Once you have your own building from which to base your next adventure from, you can set out and continue to defend imagination from all evil.

Playing with your friends to battle the Maelstrom is another important part of the game. Go into battle on the side of the Nexus Force against all of the dark forces in the LEGO Universe. After defeating certain creatures or bosses, you will recieve rewards, also known as loot, in the form of LEGO blocks or other such in-game usable items.

To do this, you must also explore other worlds surrouding Nexus City. In an attempt to push back the forces of Maelstrom, you can also settle one of the hundreds of smaller worlds in the surrounding area and bring your creations to life.

Get your minifigure ready for the adventure of a lifetime in the LEGO Universe. Become a part of the Nexus Force and push back the dark Maelstrom of chaos. Join friends in battle and make new friendships all from your computer in a safe, regulated environment.

LEGO Universe Screenshots

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