Lego Creator Islands
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Lego Creator Islands
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Lego Creator Islands Description

Become the creator of your very own functional island where everything from the houses, the vehicles, and the decorations are made from your favorite building material: Lego!


Lego Creator Islands is a free-to-play mobile game that allows you to create an idyllic island for your Lego minifigures to live on, where you can construct exciting yet functional buildings that will eventually make up a bustling island town. Expand your settlement onto neighboring lands and explore beautiful beaches, treacherous coves, and distant seas as you turn a deserted group of islands into a Lego minifigure's paradise.

Like Lego City: My City, this free-to-play mobile game lets you use your Lego know-how and construction skills to build to your heart's content, creating all manor of Lego-shaped buildings and vehicles for your yellow minifigures to use. Fly from island to island by seaplane, take to the skies with a super speedy helicopter, or take on the waves with a Lego speedboat. These might sound difficult to construct, but don’t worry as you will be guided every step of the way and can refer to the instructions at any stage. Let’s face it, helicopters aren’t exactly the easiest vehicles to make out of Lego.

This free-to-play building simulation game enables you to build on the shores of sunny tropical islands, using your creativity to come up with an endless array of exciting Lego constructions. Don’t just build houses and vehicles, but be creative and use your imagination to design towering animal sculptures. Decorate your island with monkey figures that have large swooping tails or colourful toucans which have a red and yellow beak.

If you start to run out of room for new buildings on your island, you can explore the seas to find new shores to build on. Each island is unique and will present new challenges in terms of where to build, as some islands will have towering mountains and vertical cliff edges.

This strategy game is free to download and is available for iOS and Android mobiles and tablets.

Lego Creator Islands Screenshots

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