Lego City: My City
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Lego City: My City
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Lego City: My City Description

Take on a variety of different roles as you engage in an action packed Lego adventure. This free-to-play mobile game will have you touring the city to stop wanted criminals from causing anymore trouble. Have you got what it takes to keep the city safe?


Lego City: My City is a fun free-to-play game for all ages. Explore a Lego brick city inhabited by people with yellow, egg shaped heads! This mobile game will have you running around the city trying to restore peace to its notoriously dangerous ghettos. There are seemingly endless tasks and quests for you to complete, including drag races and helicopter missions.

This mobile action game celebrates all things Lego, with vehicles, towns, people, and buildings that take after the age-old Lego sets that most of us are familiar with from our childhood. Even though you can’t physically build anything with the virtual bricks in this free-to-play title, it is charming to see the Lego come to life as you navigate your yellow character around the city’s streets, looking for new tasks and missions.

There is a large array of missions for you to complete as you gain a career in helping the people of Lego City. Your main aim is to ensure that the city’s citizens are kept safe and out of danger. Such missions include firefighting, where you must connect the hose to the fire hydrant and jet wash the roaring flames of the fire away, window by window. Then there’s the job of keeping the seas safe by patrolling the water with your Lego chopper, dodging the tornadoes, and lowering your men to pick up the sailors, whose life is threatened not only by swirling vortexes, but also by man-eating sharks!

You will see a number of interesting service vehicles as you engage in this role playing game’s missions and quests, including a fire engine, a helicopter, and an array of different sports cars. Drive around the streets of Lego city in as you race in competitions, picking up the loot that is laden along the roads.

This game is free to download and play and is available for iOS and Android mobiles and tablets.

Lego City: My City Screenshots

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