Legends of Honor: Tactical MMO Launches Today

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Legends of Honor International Release

Goodgame Studios has just announced the international release of their free-to-play MMO Legends of Honor. Players become heroes and must build armies worthy of honor and glory as they conquer the map.

For those that don’t know anything about the game, Legends of Honor is the latest release from online strategy experts Goodgame Studios (Goodgame Big Farm, Goodgame Empire) It uses all of their experience in creating browser games and rolls it into one fast-paced strategy game that is well worth checking out.

Legends of Honor

Legends of Honor

Three Warring Factions

Players of the strategy game can choose from three distinctive factions; the Order of the Golden Claw, Knights of Ash and Shadow, and the Warriors of the Wild Lands. Once a faction has been chosen, players head out into the dynamic world and set out on their quest to conquer enemies and become a formidable fighting force steeped in honor. The alliance mechanic will be familiar to anyone that has played any kind of MMO game, but the system in Legends of Honor is a little difference. Once a player has joined an alliance, it opens up the possibility to coordinate attacks with their allies, and trade resources to become a respected group of commanders.

Interactive World Map

One of the most interesting parts of the combat and gameplay is the fully interactive world map; players can move freely around, and the world map comes complete with different terrain, hostile NPC marauders, and other players. The gameplay stands out as it includes a lot of real-time-strategy elements, unlike many other games in the same genre as Legends of Honor. It’s really important to make sure that the terrain you are fighting in complements the troop type. Now that the game has been officially released internationally, there are going to be many more players taking to the battlefield, so now is a good time to start a journey into the Legends of Honor universe.

Legends of Honor is completely free-to-play, so head over to the main website by clicking the button below, and start your adventure in the Legends of Honor universe.

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