Legends of Honor: The Chivalry Tournament Has Arrived

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Legends of Honor Chivalry Tournament Has Arrived

The free-to-play strategy game Legends of Honor has brand new event. The Chivalry Tournament lets players test their skills for some hefty rewards and battle for the top spot in the tournament rankings.

Goodgame Studios (Goodgame Big Farm) has a lot in store for Legends of Honor players. The new event in the browser game challenges everyone to put their heroic skills to the test in daily, weekly, or monthly intervals. To start with, the event will be daily, but this will change in the future once the community is used to the format. With each Chivalry Tournament, there are various challenges that need to be completed in order to finish the event and claim the handsome rewards available. There is also a brand new ranked ladder for the tournament so players can see exactly where they stand against others, and can gain some bragging rights with their friends.

New Decorative Items in Legends of Honor

As with any update to Legends of Honor, some shiny new decorations have been added to the game which can be placed in the city to spruce the place up a bit, with some extra special items for achievements in the Chivalry Tournament including a Fire Pit and a Heroes’ Fountain.

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