Legends of Honor
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Legends of Honor
What to expect:
  • Play alongside and against other players from around the world
  • Build a strong castle and make sure that it flourishes
  • Recruit new troops and fight against enemies
  • Explore the vast medieval world and find hidden treasures
  • Join a powerful alliance and fight alongside other players
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  • PvE
  • PvP
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Become a Legend in the Free Browser Game Legends of Honor

Do you have what it takes to become a legend? Find out in Goodgame Studios’ browser based strategy game Legends of Honor!


What are legends made of? Courage, strength, wisdom, leadership, and honor? Find out in Goodgame Studios’ next strategy game for the browser of your choice. Legends of Honor is a reflection of what the publisher and developer does best: release free-to-play strategy MMOs that players can delve into on their computers. Set in a fictional medieval world, Legends of Honor combines years of experience to offer profound and complex gameplay that anyone can enjoy without paying a single dime.

As the title of the game indicates, Legends of Honor focuses on the important aspects of medieval leadership. You are the leader of a castle in a kingdom that has been ravaged by war. Three feuding factions stand opposed to each another, and you will have to choose which side you want to be on. Dive into a world full of other players from around the world who will fight on your side or against you, depending on their alliances.

As in every good strategy game, you need a fortress first and foremost. After all, how would you train your troops, produce your goods, and provide for your population without a safe castle? Build a sturdy stronghold that can withstand any inimical attacks. Speaking of attacks and battles, Legends of Honor combines fast-paced action with strategic elements. Send single heroes and entire troops into the battlefield and wreak havoc against any opponents standing in your way. Make strategic use of the different terrains in order to wipe out your enemies.

Legends of Honor features a vast medieval world including forests, hills, and grasslands. Explore the continent and find hidden treasures and evil enemies that need to be vanquished. It is not wise to fend for yourself in this war-ridden world. Join or found an alliance with other players to crush powerful enemies in PvP or PvE combat.

Legends of Honor is available free-to-play in the browser of your choice. All you have to do is register an account, then you can delve into the browser game wherever and whenever you feel like it as long as you have a working internet connection.

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Legends of Honor News

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    09/27/2016 07:14 am - The gaming publisher and developer Goodgame Studios has recently announced that the development for the browser game Legends of Honor has unfortunately been stopped. The studio explained that the internal restructurings in the last couple of weeks ha...more

  • Legends of Honor: Tactical MMO Launches Today

    01/07/2016 05:56 am - Goodgame Studios has just announced the international release of their free-to-play MMO Legends of Honor. Players become heroes, and must build armies worthy of honor and glory as they conquer the map....more

  • Legends of Honor: The Chivalry Tournament Has Arrived

    12/04/2015 08:54 am - The free-to-play strategy game Legends of Honor has brand new event. The Chivalry Tournament lets players test their skills for some hefty rewards, and battle for the top spot in the tournament rankings....more

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