Legendary Champions
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Legendary Champions
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Legendary Champions Description

Step centuries back in time as one of your favourite historical or mythological characters, such as Alexander the Great, Dracula or Mulan, fight for honour and victory and drive off the impeding evil.


Client game Legendary Champions is set in the year 209 A.D. where the land is threatened by the merciless Cao Cao. Take the form of one of 60 iconic characters, taken both from history and mythology, including Sinbad, Joan of Arc, Beowulf, King Arthur and more.

Your character is highly customisable with over 10,000 various pieces of equipment, trinkets, accessories and items to choose from, ensuring your character remains unique. Once you have chosen your character in Legendary Champions, you must also select from one of eight character classes, including Arcanist, Guardian, Battlemaster, Bender, Archer and Bladedancer.

Participate in thrilling PvP duels; capture the flag raids and large scale battles in Legendary Champions. Transform into your favourite character and face the hordes of monsters, enemies and opposing players. Form a powerful guild with 30 of your most fierce and skilled allies to take on The God Beasts in heart-stopping guild raids. Once the guild leader reaches level 65, they will have the opportunity to participate in the Deity Challenges. Do you dare face the atrocities of the Deity of Lightning of Deity of Earth?

Use the precious Blood of Phoenix to transform your champion into an unruly source of power and strength for short bursts of time. Embark on quests and missions, and be rewarded with experience points and badges of honour. Hunt down various monsters from regular monsters, to enraged monsters to the ultimate boss monsters. Use the powerful enchanting system in Legendary Champions to unlock the full potential of your weaponry and equipment. As you level up, your collected items will improve and even change colour.

Take on the evil Deities, bring down enemy players and rise to the top as you bring new fame and glory to old icons.

by Kyle Hayth

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