Legend of Martial Arts: Closed Beta date announced for quirky fantasy MMORPG

11/01/2010 05:44 am in News

Online games publisher Perfect World Entertainment (Jady Dynasty, Forsaken World) recently disclosed the official date of the Closed Beta (CBT) launch for client game Legend of Martial Arts. The MMORPG is set to burst into the CBT towards the end of this month.
Legend of Martial Arts

Legend of Martial Arts

You still have the opportunity to participate in the Closed Beta by signing up on the game homepage for a Beta key, before the official CBT launch on November 24th. The client game Legend of Martial Arts is based on the popular Chinese cartoon series 'My Own Swordsman' and takes you into an exciting fantasy world.

The massively multi-player online game focuses on Martial Arts in its various forms. With over nineteen different Martial Arts disciples to choose from, and several character classes, there are endless opportunities for character development and leveling.

The MMORPG Legend of Martial Arts combines intense PvP combat with dangerous instance dungeons, set in a rich and colorful world. Cute NPC characters give the game a light-hearted feel, though doesn’t detract from the game's action. Choose from various mounts and pets, and roam the fantasy world in search of new encounters.

Source: Game homepage
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