Legend of Martial Arts
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Legend of Martial Arts
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Legend of Martial Arts Description

In this client game you journey to a mystical land where around every corner lays new creatures, adventures and challenges. Discover the legends of this fantasy world...


Legend of Martial Arts is a free-to-play online game, whereby you roam a rich 3D world, bursting with color and surprises. The MMORPG, previously known as Kung Foo, is centered on thrilling combat and intricate quests under the umbrella of a detailed storyline. Through the high-end chromatic graphics, detailed characters and realistic light/shadow features, you are immersed into the core of the action. The online game Legend of Martial Arts is set in a traditional Chinese Ming Dynasty environment, with a quirky and cartoonish feel.

The free client online game is based on the Chinese cartoon 'My Own Swordsman', and contains over nineteen Martial Arts disciples from which you can choose to excel in. Each race in Legend of Martial Arts has two main paths that you are able to follow as you level up.

If playing a character from the Reaver race in Legend of Martial Arts, you can choose from either the Physical or Magical paths. The Physical path has three further character classes – the Brute, the Sentinel and the Berzerker. You will also have the ability to transform into a variety of different animals, including the feline and lupine forms, in order to maximize your character's physical strength. The Magical path also has three character classes to select from, including the Reaper, Summoner and Oracle. By choosing the Magical path, you will be granted with spiritual powers and the ability to summon the deities of the underworld and cast impressive spells.

The download game Legend of Martial Arts contains PvP-heavy combat, a unique mount and pet system, quirky NPCs, and a mysterious dungeon system to explore. As you embark on quest you level up and earn rewards, gain experience and climb the ladder of victory. This colorful and comical world awaits you.

by Kyle Hayth

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