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Legend of Edda
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Legend of Edda Description

A war wages between Olympians and the Titans in Legend of Edda. Choose your allegiance and fight for the gods in this fantasy-themed client game...


Legend of Edda is based on ancient Greek mythology and the famous war between the gods. Become a part of history in this free anime-style fantasy RPG. Those are quite the number of words, so let's break them down. Legend of Edda is free-to-play which means that you can simply play the game after you download the client. It's graphic style is based on animes and mangas which gives it a colorful and lush look. The roleplaying game (RPG) is set in a fantastical world full of magic and monsters. The outcome of the war between the Olympians and the Titans lies in the hands of the great heroes – their fate is in your hands.

There are six colorful character classes in Legend of Edda - Cleric, Wizard, Assassin, Archer, Warrior and Swordsman. These classes are categorized intro three groups - Mage, Rogue and Fighter. The Cleric is a supporting character with a knack for healing and helping others. The Wizard is wise, using the power of magic to attack multiple enemies in battle. The Assassin is cold-blooded and has no hesitation in killing their enemies. The Archer is a strong and sociable character, using ranged attacks in combat. The Warrior heads straight to the core of battle and is skilled at both attack and defense. The Swordsman is powerful and brave, using the two-sided sword to overthrow their enemies.

In Legend of Edda, you embark on thrilling and mysterious adventures in a series of dungeons. Up to six players can roam them at the same time, taking on mystical creatures and boss monsters.You can either complete challenging solo quests and missions or tackle them in a team. Each victory will reward you with unique prizes. In the dark dungeons of Legend of Edda you hunt for the precious sacred relics and unlock new powerful skills and equipment. You can engage in heated PvP combat, fight against fantasy creatures, and join the almighty realm vs realm wars.

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