Legacy Quest: Summer Release for New Nexon Mobile Game

03/03/2015 04:45 am by Anna Radak in NewsActionFantasy

Legacy Quest

Legacy Quest

A new hack’n’slash app has been announced! Nexon and Socialspiel, an Austrian development studio, have teamed up to bring to the gaming community Legacy Quest, a free-to-play game that gives players the chance to slip into the role of a true adventurer and explore a brand-new fantasy world. Crawling into dungeons and looking for valuable rewards is not all the action game will have to offer after its official release: Soon, RPG enthusiasts will also be able to craft items, collect experience points, customize their characters and engage in real-time combat from the comfort of their iOS or Android mobile device. Legacy Quest is set for a summer release this year.

Craft new weapons and take on monsters!

To spice things up, the team behind Legacy Quest also promises weapon crafting. This feature will make it possible for players to put together their own equipment and head into battles just as they see fit. Here’s a first teaser trailer, showing a little bit of early Legacy Quest gameplay footage to whet your appetite:

Legacy Quest will be available on iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets this summer.

Source: Official game homepage

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