League of Legends: Teasing New Champion in Cinematic Trailer

05/11/2015 07:58 am by Marcel Wuttig in VideosDownload GamesPC Games

There’s no denying that there are more than a few things that the guys and girls over at Riot Games are doing more than great in League of Legends. However, if we had to limit the list to three things, it would be the following:

  • Adding new champions on a regular basis
  • Designing diverse characters who offer a little something for everyone
  • Releasing high-quality cinematic trailers on par with Pixar movies

The last comment means quite a lot coming from our mouths considering that we are huge Disney fans here at The wonderful thing about these cinematic trailers is that they even get people excited that are neither League of Legends fans nor gamers in general. While the last short film focused on an already existing champion in the LoL roster, the newly released trailer introduces a brand-new character to the MOBA.

As you can see, his name is Ekko, and he seems to be able to influence time. This sounds as if the small warrior will bring a brand-new combat element to League of Legends. From what we can tell from the trailer, Ekko has the ability to jump a few moments back into time. We are quite curious to see how this will actually be implemented in the game, considering that time hopping sounds complicated to carry out. One thing that seems likely judging from the trailer is that jumping back into the past won’t get rid of any damage that has been dealt to Ekko.

We will keep you updated as soon as we know more.

Source: Youtube

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