League of Legends: A "Brief" Guide to Mid Lane

04/23/2013 16:39 pm by Jonathan Smith in Tips & TricksDownload GamesFantasy

The third installment in our 5 part "brief" guide series will be focusing on the Mid Lane role in League of Legends. The mid lane is a much more diverse place than the previous two roles we discussed. While the mid laner is more often than not a mage type champion (focusing on ability power as their primary damage), there are plenty of attack damage based champions which can be equally (and sometimes more) successful than their ability power based brethren. For these reasons, our recommendations for runes, masteries and items will not be as specific as in the other guides, but we still hope to help you learn the general guidelines to playing the mid lane, tips that are not dependent on the champion you choose.

Masteries, Runes and Items

Obviously we just went into how the wide variety of mid laners undermines most recommendations for these three categories, we can still give you a few guidelines to help you determine what will be best for you in any given match. Generally there will be two sets of guidelines to base your pre-match preparations on, these are determined by whether you are playing in draft pick mode, or blind pick mode.


If you are queuing up for blind pick as a carry type champion (damage dealer/non-tank), you would probably do best to spend 21 points in the offense tree , focusing on the primary damage type your champion deals, while supplementing it with 9 points in defense, grabbing the extra magic resistance since you will often be facing a champion that deals magic damage. However, if you choose a safe champion that can farm from range and avoid most damage altogether, it is often a better idea to spend your final 9 points in the utility tree in order to gain more mana regeneration and increased buff duration.

As for draft pick mode, you will usually be able to guess which champion you are playing against based on what champions have been picked by the other team. In this case you should always use masteries that supplement your damage output with defense attributes that combat your lane opponents primary damage type. Again, if you are playing a safe, distance farmer like Karthus or Orianna, you could forego the 9 points in defense for more sustain from the utility tree.
Finally, if you are playing a tanky type of mid laner (Cho’Gath, Galio, Maokai, etc.), you should probably spend 21 points in the defense tree and then do your best to decide if you will need more sustain from utility, or damage from the offense tree for your final 9 points.


Runes for the mid lane follow almost the exact same pattern as masteries. You should balance between runes that amplify your own damage, while countering your opponents primary damage type with armor or magic resist. There are a lot of possibilities here, so we suggest you take a look at the guides for specific champions and specific matchups to determine the best option in any given situation.
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