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League of Legends

League of Legends

League of Legends has a few assassins who excel at quickly defeating their enemies. How about a utility assassin who takes a little longer to secure kills, but who can also lock enemies making it easier for team members to shut them down? Meet Ekko - The Boy Who Shattered Time, the latest addition to the MOBA.

We introduced the human warrior with his Mohawk last week here on, when Riot Games released his cinematic reveal trailer. We immediately wondered how his time traveling theme would be implemented in the online action game. As always, the studio behind LoL found a way!


All of Ekko’s abilities revolve around the concept of changing the flow of time. He stuns and slows enemies, speeds himself, or rewinds time. This turns him in to a versatile assassin who can deal damage at the right moments, but also make it easier for his team to take down opponents.

Z-Drive Resonance

His passive is pretty straight forward, dealing bonus damage and slowing his target. It is triggered upon every third attack against the same enemy. If that enemy happens to be an opposing champion, Ekko gains a movement speed buff.


Ekko’s Q-Attack allows him to damage all target enemies and even slow an other champions. Timewinder is a device that can be thrown in any direction. Like a boomerang, it will come back to Ekko after it has reached its maximum distance. On its way back it will deal extra damage to any enemies in its path.

Parallel Convergence

The W-Attack comes with a passive and an active effect. The passive allows Ekko to deal extra damage to targets that have low health. The active part of Parallel Convergence creates a force field that slows any enemy within. If Ekko walks into the field himself, he will receive a shield while the enemy gets stunned.

Phase Dive

Phase Dive allows Ekko to jump from one location to another within a short range. When his first dash ends, he has the chance to attack an enemy with increased range on his basic attack.


His R-Attack allows Ekko to rewind time, which actually turns him untargetable and invulnerable until he reappears where he started the attack. This reappearance will recover some of his health while damaging all nearby opponents.


The studio behind League of Legends describes Ekko’s gameplay as smart gameplay, as compared to the skillful gameplay that most of the other champions have. Instead of reacting to situations, the developers want players to plan their attacks ahead. In which direction will the enemy go? Where should you place Parallel Convergence to make the most out of it? His abilities allow Ekko to swiftly kill slightly weakened opponents in one-on-one fights. Players have to be aware of deadly gank situations, however.

Source: Official game homepage

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