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Riot Games has now added their 124th champion to the League of Legends roster. The Wandering Caretaker has been known to dwell beyond the physical universe in the realms of spirits. His task is to maintain the cosmic equilibrium, and he will act swiftly to fulfil his duty in times of need.

How the studio behind League of Legends manages to constantly come up with new champions is truly beyond us. Bard - The Wandering Caretaker is a unique interpretation of a support. He gains his in-game advantage by roaming the map. This manages to not only empower him, but also his allies. His spiritual otherness makes him a compelling character in the MOBA.


Bard’s abilities truly reflect his role as a roaming support. Most of his attacks will influence not only the way he acts, but also his allies and enemies.

Traveler's Call

Bard’s passive best describes his function in a match. He roams the map collecting ancient chimes which grant him a burst of movement speed, experience, and mana, thus making Bard a more powerful champion through the act of walking. His basic attack deals damage.

Cosmic Binding

His Q attack deals damage and slows up to two targets in a row.

Caretaker's Shrine

The Wandering Caretaker places a health pack that will heal allies giving them a short burst of movement speed. Opponents can step on it to destroy it.

Magical Journey

His E ability allows Bard to create a portal through a wall that all champions can use.

Tempered Fate

His ultimate puts all units in a targeted area, be it friend or foe, champions, minions, monsters, or turrets into stasis which makes them immune to all damage for a few seconds.


Bard is a true roaming support in the essence of the word. He walks across the entire map collecting his ancient chimes. He covers plenty of ground while offering health packs for his team and allowing for great mobility with his long range portals.

Source: Official game homepage

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