League of Legends: Champion Special - Rek’Sai

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League of Legends

League of Legends

The burning sands of Shuriman have countless mysteries and endless tales. The temples and remnants of an old civilization are scattered between towering dunes. Many myths whisper of a hidden terror that hides within the vast yellow of the desert. She is purple. She is silent. She will strike from the depths of the sand...

Rek’Sai is truly one of the more innovative champions in the League of Legends roster. While every champion usually offers a new interpretation of what abilities can and cannot do, not every one of them reinvents the wheel. However, Rek’Sai is one of those few champions that brings something brand-new to the table. 


All of her abilities center around her power to burrow under ground, something that has not been done before in League of Legends. This allows her to roam the map like no other champion giving her the ability to cross the entire Summoner’s Rift in merely a few seconds. 
Fury of the Xer'Sai
This is Rek’Sai’s passive which allows her to heal herself after she has collected enough fury from attacking her enemies. 
Queen's Wrath - Prey Seeker
These two attacks are Rek’Sai’s Q abilities. The former is unburrowed enabling her to attack several opponents around her with three basic attacks. The latter is burrowed allowing her to attack an enemy in a straight line with a long-distance skillshot. 
Burrow - Unburrow
The former enables Rek’Sai to bury herself underground. While her vision is limited, she can sense enemy movement when she is burrowed. The latter attack allows her to burst into the open knocking up and dealing damage to opponents. 
Furious Bite - Tunnel
Her E abilities allow her to either bite her target, whereby the damage dealt depends on the amount of fury she has collected (unburrowed), or create long-lasting tunnels at two ends of her path (burrowed). 
Void Rush
Her ultimate attack depends on those tunnels. Rek’Sai will dig under ground and dash towards any of her tunnels in merely seconds.


Rek’Sai is truly a unique champion. Her ability to quickly dash towards her tunnels give her many new and never-explored strategic possibilities. She will mostly excel in the jungle, where she can effectively clear her own territory, but quickly jump to help out her allies. Her tunnels give her a great mobility that is unrivaled by any other League of Legends champion. 

Source: Official game homepage
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