League of Legends: Celebrating Riot Games‘ 10-Year Anniversary

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League of Legends

League of Legends

Happy Birthday Riot Games! The development studio behind League of Legends was founded in 2006, and is now celebrating its 10-year anniversary. It goes without saying that the studio is not just celebrating internally, but also making sure to include the community. Everyone who played at least one match in League of Legends in the last few months will receive a new summoner icon along with the Riot Kayle skin. If players don’t own Kayle yet, they can consider themselves doubly lucky. They will not only receive his special skin, but also unlock the champion for free. Players who already own the character and the skin, will receive mystery gifts or the RP value of a mystery gift in their region.

There’s no reason to worry if players have not gotten any gift yet. The team behind League of Legends explained that the process is going to take a few days to complete. If players haven’t delved into the MOBA in a very long time, they will have another chance to benefit from the celebratory giveaway. Next week, there will be a second pass to snag anyone else who decides to play a match between now and then.

Additionally, the studio is enabling a bonus IP weekend where players will receive double the amount of IP for each match played between September 16 and September 19. The developers stress that this is a flat boost which means that solo players and parties will receive the same bonus.

Source: Official game homepage

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