League of Legends
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League of Legends
What to expect:
  • Play League of Legends against Millions of Players Online
  • Pick from Hundred of Different Characters
  • MOBA Gameplay with 5v5 Team
  • Buy Items to make your Hero more Powerful
  • Continued Support from Developer Riot Games
  • Fast-Paced and Competitive Gameplay
  • Download Games
  • PC Games
  • Riot Games
  • PvP
  • eSports
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Jump into Summoners Rift and Play League of Legends for Free!

Take control of your very own hero and defeat your enemies. As a summoner you command a champion and fight to be victorious.


In the land of Valoran, there has been an ongoing war for the powerful runes and now there is a way to end the conflict. The super powers that have fought so bitterly against one another have now signed a contract and have created a war academy. However, now the summoners and their champions have begun to fight amongst each other.

League of Legends is a free-to-play, highly competitive online game that will challenge you to master your champion and defeat your enemies. You will send these champions into battle and use their powerful strengths to conquer the fantasy world of Valoran. League of Legends (also known as LoL) is a massively online battle arena game (MOBA), which has become synonymous with this genre. Hundreds of thousands of players watch eSports championships, streams, and anything else related to this game.

When you start your adventure in League of Legends, you will choose your own summoner with which you will battle it out against other players in heated 5vs5 matches. These battles take place on a few different maps, the most iconic of which is Summoner's Rift. Here, each team consisting of five players will try to invade their enemies' side of the map by destroying their turrets. Naturally, minions and the other five opposing players are constantly trying to prevent you from accomplishing your goal. You can equip your champion with various items that will help them overcome all obstacles. This is how you can upgrade their speed or health.

There are numerous champions in League of Legends. Thanks to the free champion rotation, you can try out a new champion each week - each with unique abilities and weaknesses. Some champions are faster or do more damage, while others have more HP and are better played defensively. No matter what the skill set, you will have to master those skills and use good strategies when competing in matches.

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League of Legends Specials

  • League of Legends: Champion Special - Ekko

    05/18/2015 06:51 am - League of Legends has a few assassins who excel at quickly defeating their enemies. How about a utility assassin who takes a little longer to secure kills, but who can also lock enemies making it easier for team members to shut them down? Meet Ekko...more

  • League of Legends: Champion Special - Bard

    02/25/2015 06:17 am - Riot Games has now added their 124th champion to the League of Legends roster. The Wandering Caretaker has been known to dwell beyond the physical universe in the realms of spirits. His task is to maintain the cosmic equilibrium, and he will act...more

  • League of Legends: Champion Special - Rek’Sai

    12/02/2014 06:54 am - The burning sands of Shuriman have countless mysteries and endless tales. The temples and remnants of an old civilization lie hidden between towering dunes. Many myths whisper of a hidden terror that hides within the vast yellow of the desert. She is...more

League of Legends Videos

  • League of Legends: Jhin Joins the Rift

    02/05/2016 09:02 am - The free-to-play MOBA League of Legends has just received a brand new champion! After the teaser and the announcement of Jhin, he is finally in the hands of normal players in all region in the multiplayer game....more

  • League of Legends: Teasing New Champion in Cinematic Trailer

    05/11/2015 07:58 am - There’s no denying that there are more than a few things that the guys and girls over at Riot Games are doing more than great in League of Legends. However, if we had to limit the list to three things, it would be the following:...more

  • League of Legends: The Tears of a Mummy

    01/27/2015 04:04 am - The folks over at Riot Games have released a new cinematic trailer whose stylistic direction is unlike anything we've ever seen before here at Imagine Tim Burton meets League of Legends and mix in some classic Disney animation...more

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