League of Angels: Two New Angels Mark First Anniversary

11/25/2014 08:20 am by William Hankin in NewsBrowser GamesRPG

League of Angels

League of Angels

Two new angels are being released to celebrate the birthday of this fantasy MMORPG, which conveniently coincides with the festivities of Thanksgiving week. Players are invited to engage in League of Angels'events, like the Angel's Quiz, if they want to stand a chance in winning either of the new heroes. With Thanksgiving this Thursday, the folks over at GTArcade, the publishers of this free-to-play game, had better pull out all the stops if they are to gain media attention among all the hype about turkeys and good food!

The first new hero to be added is called Seraphim, referred to as 'The Burning One'. He is a powerful warrior, who enforces the will of the gods as one of their most loyal allies. Armed with two huge burning swords, striking metallic armor, and blood red wings, this hero is a force to be reckoned with and might prove a challenge to take down when in PvP battles.


The second new hero is a scantily-clad goddess called Demeter, or 'The Angel of the Harvest'. She has been worshipped as the angel who brings rain and sunshine to the farmers' fields, ensuring a bountiful harvest. Taking after all the other female angels in this free-to-play MMORPG, who also wear very little in terms of clothing, it could be argued that this strikingly beautiful goddess portrays the fine line between voluptuous hero and slightly inappropriate sex symbol. But hey, whatever floats your boat.


Stay tuned for more League of Angels news!

Source: Official game homepage
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