League of Angels: Fire Raiders
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League of Angels: Fire Raiders
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League of Angels: Fire Raiders Description

Embark on daring adventures and team up with fellow heroes to defeat all evil as you explore a fantasy universe that might strike a familiar chord. The time has come to continue your League of Angels journey in this free mobile game...


Gaia is in peril once again! The good people of this fantasy universe have a hard time keeping evil forces at bay and you are asked to step in. Create a character, play through dozens of unique quests and move up in the world of League of Angels: Fire Raiders as level up and meet other players online. Yes, you read that right: League of Angels, a browser game that has been featured on many a time, has been turned into a franchise thanks to GTArcade and Youzu. This isn’t simply a mobile version of the free roleplaying game, but rather a standalone title in which players will have to start from scratch after setting up their own account on iOS or Android devices.

If you are afraid of leaving behind the angels you have so tediously leveled up in League of Angels, fret not! While you will certainly have to set up brand-new divine champions and sacred heroes, there’s a big chance you will stumble upon familiar faces and characters that have previously taught you everything there is to know about angelic battles. You've never set foot into the fantasy universe before and are clueless as to what we are talking about? That’s okay, as League of Angels: Fire Raiders has its very own tutorial that will show you the ropes when it comes to fighting and socializing. The arena will open its doors to you once you reach a certain level and have the equipment to prove it. Here, you get to take on other players in fast-paced action battles and prove your worth.

Playing through missions and defeating opposing players in League of Angels: Fire Raiders will help you gather experience points more quickly in the free mobile app. For each level you unlock, new abilities and power moves become available and can be used during battle to heal, deal damage, or temporarily render enemy targets useless. Come up with a strategy of your own and make sure to group up with like-minded players to reap valuable rewards and snazzy prizes...

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