League of Angels II: Open Beta is Now Live

04/01/2016 08:19 am by Benjamin Robson in NewsBrowser GamesOnline Games

League of Angels II in Open Beta

The free-to-play MMORPG League of Angels II has just entered open beta after a short period of closed testing. The sequel to League of Angels is finally here and free for all to play.

Just a few weeks after celebrating the Two-Year Anniversary of the original League of Angels, the award winning MMORPG is getting a big sister. League of Angels II is now in open beta, and is completely free to download for any MMORPG fans. From the start of the development process, League of Angels II was designed to redefine the boundaries of a browser-based game, and give players an entirely new experience when playing in their browsers. Check out the official trailer below:

Browser Gaming Like Never Before

League of Angels II combines an advanced 3D game engine with some awesome animations and in-game effects to produce one of the best looking browser games we have seen in a while. Players have the chance to explore the brand new game world called “Elysium”, and all players will be on a level playing-field, as the developers have performed a full wipe of all progress, so the closed beta players won’t have too much of an advantage.

Not only are GTArcade giving players the chance to get involved in the MMORPG in their browser, but it will be fully playable via a Facebook application, and also in a downloadable mini-client. Now that the closed beta testing phase is over, Youzhu and GTArcade have enough information to start the open beta satisfied that their game is able to take the influx of new players and remain stable. At the moment the game only has an English version, but the fully localised version of the game will be coming in summer 2016. For anyone that wants to start their own adventure in League of Angels II, the game can be played for free by clicking the button below.

Source: Official Press Release

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