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LaYa Description

Conquer your enemies in turn-based combat as you use your wit and strategy to be the most effective commander on the battlefield. Can you fight back the void?


LaYa is a free-to-play, browser-based strartegy game that brings you into a world full of destruction and devastation. You must create an empire from the ground up with one of four unique races and conquer your opponents with superior strategy.

To begin your journey to the top in LaYa, you must first choose which race you would like to play as. The Voidspawn, Frey, Yins and Vortzu are all different and feature unique units and skills that are balanced but can give you certain advantages on the battlefield if employed correctly.

Once you have chosen who you will fight as, you must begin building an empire. In LaYa, there are various different buildings that need to be constructed in order to fuel your war machine. Resources will need to be collected and new technology researched if you wish to survive.

There are also many different units you can choose from in LaYa. As you prepare to expand you empire outwards, you must select which units you wish to move and have fight for you. With the right mix of units and the application of a good strategy, you can swiftly defeat your enemies.

Because LaYa is an online browser game, you will be challenged by hundreds of players from all over the world. You are not the only one trying to claim victory and the fame that goes with it. Combine the strengths of your race, structures, units and strategy to create an unstoppable force that you can use to conquer the universe.

by Kyle Hayth

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