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What to expect:
  • Play Online for Warring Factions
  • Futuristic Fantasy World
  • From the Director of Gears of War
  • Stunning Graphics from the Unreal 4 Engine
  • Multiple Multiplayer Modes
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  • Nexon
  • Post-Apocalyptic
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Choose a Side in LawBreakers and Fight in Modified Gravity

Will you choose to side with the law or become its worst nightmare? In the free-to-play LawBreakers, you must choose a side to fight for.


The Earth is just a shell of its former self in LawBreakers. When researchers had a catastrophic accident after experimenting on the moon, it shattered into millions of pieces. This had a profound effect on humanity as the very earth that people stood on broke and the oceans boiled. Humanity, however, rebuilt their home into a modern metropolis, thinking that they had overcome the disaster. Little did they know that a new threat to humanity was lurking just around the corner.

The modified gravity present on the new Earth has made it possible for normal people to have almost superhuman abilities. Criminal gangs are trying to take over the planet by forming cartels and wreaking havoc wherever they go. The gangs call themselves the “Breakers.”On the other side, there are law enforcement officers that were unified in an attempt to keep the peace, and put these criminal warlords back where they belong. Many brave people have joined up to fight against the cartels and become part of the resistance. It is your choice to make: Which side will you fight for?

Modified Gravitational Field

The shattering had a massive effect on the gravity on the planet we call home. Jump high into the air, manipulate gravity to outsmart opponents, and have fast-paced firefights using gravity to your advantage. With the right allies and equipment, you’ll have a chance to survive. You’ll have to use all of your skill and tactics to outsmart and outgun the other side.

From the Creative Mind behind Gears of War

The designer for LawBreaker, Cliff Bleszinski has also put his creative talents to good use in this free-to-play game. If you’re a fan of the Gears of War series, then you’ll be sure to love this game. Sit tight and get ready for a spectacular show of stunning graphics and thrilling action.

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LawBreakers News

  • LawBreakers: Check Out the Announcement Trailer

    08/27/2015 10:58 am - For quite some time, Cliff Bleszinski and his development studio Boss Key Productions have been keeping their latest project a secret. They have been giving tiny tidbits of information about an upcoming game which they were calling “The Shattering”,...more

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