L.A.W – Living After War: New Website and Trailer Released for Upcoming MMORPG

08/19/2011 05:54 am in News

Online game publishers, ProSiebenSat1 Games, have launched a new teaser site for their upcoming MMORPG, L.A.W – Living After War. The new website features more information about the new title, some nice screenshots and a brand new trailer.
L.A.W - Living After War

L.A.W - Living After War

Just recently, ProSiebenSat1 Games announced their plans to launch a new MMORPG, L.A.W – Living After War, which features elements from both role-playing games and real-time strategy games.

Additionally, there have been some new screenshots released for L.A.W – Living After War. These show you what some of the characters look like and you can check them out on our information page for the free-to-play MMOPRG.

In L.A.W – Living After War, you will be challenged to survive in a post-nuclear world that was utterly destroyed after a global conflict. Now two races, humans and Nak, challenge one another for control of what remains. You must build up a base and raise your strength in order to protect yourself from your enemies.

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L.A.W - Living After War ScreenshotsL.A.W - Living After War Screenshots
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