L.A.W - Living After War
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L.A.W - Living After War
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L.A.W - Living After War Description

Imagine the Earth 100s of years in the future, in which almost all of civilization has been wiped out following a large-scale nuclear war. Only, some people – or things – managed to survive...


L.A.W - Living After War is an MMORPG set in a post-apocalyptic world far in the future. After decades of devastating nuclear war, the last remaining human population decided to escape Earth on a large spaceship known as Tomorrow.

The survivors planned to return 200 years later to re-build civilization on Earth. Upon their return they discovered that they were not the only ones who hoped to inhabit the planet. A genetically mutated race had evolved on Earth, known as the Nak. The Nak are extremely connected with nature, and the differences in ideology between the surviving humans and the Nak pose a threat to the reestablishment of civilization.

In addition to this, an evil and bloodthirsty race known as the Shamak roam the earth, striving to capture, enslave and kill mankind. Your mission in the client-based role-playing game L.A.W - Living After War is to work alongside other players from all over the world to overcome and destroy these races, which stand in the way of the continuation of the human civilization. In the post-apocalyptic MMORPG L.A.W - Living After War, players must command troops on land and in the air to battle your opponents in a real-time strategy setting.

The online game L.A.W - Living After War features large-scale wars, character progression, epic boss battles, a special trade system and more. The client-based game L.A.W - Living After War uses a 3D graphics engine to transport you into the heart of this post-apocalyptic world. Will you help save what's left of mankind?

by Kyle Hayth

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