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Last Dynasty
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Last Dynasty Description

Four mighty kingdoms strive for control of a mystical land, once united in peace, and now in a state of chaos. Help your kingdom fight the enemy and take reign...


The MMORPG Last Dynasty follows the story of four disputing kingdoms, each with their own fortress and army. Join forces with either the people of Green Fog Desert in the City of Encroaching Winds, the followers of the exiled warrior in the City of Vast Clouds, the people of Fiery Sky in the City of Fiery Sky or the people of Stable Earth in the City of Stable Earth.

There are three gender-locked classes in the online game Last Dynasty that can you roam the vast world with, which include the powerful Warrior, the stealth-like Hunter and the spiritual Mage. The characters are not bounded by Last Dynasty nations, so players have free choice in terms of nation and skill preferences. You are also able to have several different characters from different kingdoms in the same game account, allowing you to experience all character classes.

The Warrior specializes in swordsmanship, frontline combat and chivalry, providing the foundation for any army. Special skills include the Berserk, the Burning Spirit and the Cloud Clap. The Hunters prefer isolation and are devout worshippers of the precious moon goddess. They master the arts of the Bow of the Golden Bird, the Powerful Arrow, and the Poisonous Gas. The Mage summons the immense power of magic to slay their enemies, and are both respected and feared. The Mage specializes in Universal Light, Pyroblast and the elusive Black Hole skills.

Join the fight for world domination, and take to the battlefield in the name of your kingdom in the client-based fantasy game Last Dynasty.

by Kyle Hayth

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