Last Chaos: New 'Temptations of the Succubus' Content Hatches in Fantasy MMORPG

12/28/2010 05:05 am in News

A whole range of new features, dungeons, weaponry, pets and more have been unleashed in the fantasy-themed client game Last Chaos. The content update, named 'Temptations of the Succubus', will give you the chance to tame the new Succubus pet.
Last Chaos

Last Chaos

Along with the Succubus pet to be tamed in the new game content, comes a host of other additional features. These include a new and improved Strayana dungeon to conquer, new skills for every character class, new guild skills and a ranking system. Additionally, when players win a siege event, they will earn a whole new armor set.

More appearance options have been implemented for character creation, and the user interface has been upgraded. New items available include Special Police Uniforms for each class, new monster cards and appearance change options. This content update comes just weeks after the Akan Temple content was unleashed in Last Chaos.

Last Chaos is a client-based MMORPG published by Aeria Games (Ministry of War, Kitsu Saga). Set on the mysterious continent of Iris, players adopt one of five character classes and roam the world, accepting missions, exploring dungeons and collecting valuable items. You can play either as a titan, a knight, a magician, a rogue or a healer in Last Chaos.

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