Last Chaos: Mysterious Akan Temple dungeon discovered in free-to-play fantasy MMORPG

10/29/2010 06:07 am in News

A new challenge awaits experienced players in the free-to-play online game Last Chaos. An all-new raid dungeon, the Akan Temple, was unveiled just two days ago for level 90-110 players. The dimly lit dungeon contains fierce monsters and extensive challenges for Fellowships.
Last Chaos

Last Chaos

The Akan Temple has been discovered in the mysterious fantasy world of Iris. An eerie NPC in the land of Egeha offers adventurers the chance to explore this dark and cursed dungeon and take on the awaiting creatures. There are ferocious new monsters to be tamed in the Akan Temple including the ruthless temple guards and the almighty temptress Padocs Only fellowships with a level of 90-110 will be allowed to enter the Akan Temple, due to its difficulty. Players brave enough to enter the new raid dungeon may even be rewarded with unique prizes, special armor and priceless treasures.

Last Chaos is an MMORPG set in the dark and mystical world of Iris. The cursed land is ruled by violence, war and destruction, and it is your mission as a survivor to fight to restore peace and prosperity to the world. Select one of five character classes – titan, rogue, knight, magician or healer – and enter the broken world of dungeons, monsters and enemies.

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