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Last Chaos
What to expect:
  • Play for Free Online
  • Choose from One of Five Classes
  • Explore a Vibrant Fantasy World
  • Take Part in the In-Game Economy
  • Collect Weapons and Gear to Improve your Hero
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  • RPG
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Fight for Peace in the MMORPG Last Chaos!

Fight your way through this 3D role-playing game as a representative of one of five character classes and gain supremacy over the continent Iris.


In the client game Last Chaos, you enter a world that is dominated by war, hatred and violence. You are one of many people who are only trying to survive, and are fighting against hatred and for peace. It’s also your goal to become the ruler of the continent. To achieve that you need a lot of patience and will to combat. If you are a gamer that likes to play free games and experience an interesting story, then Last Chaos is the perfect game for you.

Last Chaos includes five character classes, monsters, and many different places that you can explore. At the beginning of the game you can choose which of the five classes you want to belong to. They all have their pros and cons. Decide whether you are a titan, a knight, a magician, a rogue or a healer in Last Chaos.

The quests can be solved in either personal dungeon mode or in a public dungeon / temple mode. Depending on the mode you complete tricky and exciting tasks, either alone or together with many other players. Once you have finished the dungeons, you will receive your reward and then continue fighting for good and against evil.

In addition to the quests you also engage in trade. And that is not all. You not only have to sell your products, but you also have to continually improve your skills. As the future lord of Iris you need many skills, and you should try to convert your plunder quickly into something useful.

In the four areas of action and skill building in Last Chaos (Juno, Dratan, Merak, Egeha), you are always on firm ground. No enemy can do you any harm there. But as soon as you leave these places you must fight to survive.

The 3D online role-playing game Last Chaos is played by several thousand users. The variety of quests along with the goal of becoming the Lord of Iris, and the constant character development are the reasons why this download game comes along so action packed and tense.

by Kyle Hayth

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