Lands and Lords
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Lands and Lords
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Lands and Lords Description

Build your kingdom from the ground up as you expand your empire and conquer other players to become the ruler of all in this turn-based browser game. Use your superior strategy and tactics to conquer!


Lands and Lords is strategy game that challenges you to create an empire through use of armies, resources and diplomacy. Defend your lands against the other Lords who will try to capture them for themselves.

Building structures, gathering resources are all integral parts of Lands and Lords. The large map with over 90,000 hexagonal fields is covered in continents and seas which are waiting for you to claim the as yours. Because it is a turn-based game, at the end of each turn, the moves you made or research you are currently advancing will be progressed or completed.

Not only is there a complex battle system in Lands and Lords, you must also be industrious and apply yourself and your resources to the development of science. As you advance your knowledge, your troops and empire will improve with better stats.

Trade is also an important part of the browser game. Lands and Lords has a stock system where you can exchange, sell or buy resources as you need them. You can use this system to make your empire an economic powerhouse which will fund better troops and ships to help conquer your enemies.

Strategy is the name of the game in Lands and Lords. Conquer your enemies and subjugate them as vassals while maintaining honor to become the hero of the realm. Only by create the mightiest of empires can you be the most successful of Lords and defeat all your foes.

by Kyle Hayth

Lands and Lords Screenshots

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