Land of Destiny
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Land of Destiny
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Land of Destiny Description

Build a kingdom from the ground up by gathering resources, making friends, forging alliances and conquering neighboring foes. Can you build the largest Empire in all the land...?


Land of Destiny is a real-time strategy game in which your goal is to build your empire and manage resources to become recognized by thousands of other players. Starting small, in this case with only a tent, you will want to gather resources and produce food to help you build up to a village and eventually an empire.

Resources are an integral part of the game in Land of Destiny because there are so many varieties available to you. For example, a building may require planks, however you must first collect the logs to be cut at the sawmill and turned into planks. Another use for the resources which you collect is for you to trade them.

In Land of Destiny you are one of thousands of players and not only can you trade your resources with the surrounding players, you can also create alliances or make enemies. After you have progressed to the stage of an Empire, you can then begin to contact players with pacts or declare war on them. However, if the headquarters of your empire is destroyed, it will automatically destroy the entire empire and all members will be removed. Therefore, it is key to protect your empire from other players.

For those casual players interested in peacefully building an empire without the threat of other players, you can request protection from the Imperial Army. There are also mini-games which you can play with other players including rock-paper-scissors and blackjack at the Imperial Tavern.

Land of Destiny has something to offer everyone, for the people who want to conquer their neighbors and for the casual players who are interested in simply building their own empire in peace. This real-time strategy game offers a complete resources and trade system as well as a weather and seasons system which also effects game play. If you're ready to build an empire from a tent up, then start playing Land of Destiny today.

by Kyle Hayth

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