Land of Chaos Online
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Land of Chaos Online
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Land of Chaos Online Description

Using the latest weapons and skillful manoeuvres, you are recruited to join the arena style battle against enemy monsters and other players in this impressive and 3D utopian world...


Delve into the 3D mystical world of Land of Chaos Online, choose from an array of exciting Utopian avatars and get ready to battle against your enemies. Download game Land of Chaos Online is a blend of real time strategy, role playing and third-person shooter, with unique and impressive graphics.

Land of Chaos Online gives you ten characters to choose from including the magical Laairhathy, the elegant Minitygrey, the fierce Octavian and the adorable Merino to go to battle with. Each character has unique skills and weaponry, so it is important to think strategically when selecting your characters for play. Throughout the game, you will have opportunities to upgrade your equipment, and build the skill of your character, so best to prepare for the combats. Each character has 10 skills, however, only 5 can be taken into a battle at any one time. You can play with up to three characters in each battle, swapping between them while waiting to respawn.

There are two distinct game modes in which to battle it out against your enemies – the larger arena-style battles between two teams, and the smaller PvP style combats. In the larger battles, you must dominate the opposing team's base by destroying and knocking down their towers, and sneaking creeps into their base. Each base is protected by strong and gallant guardians. At Land of Chaos Online you earn gold, gain and upgrade your equipment and receive additional character cards, as you fight opposing players and enemy monsters.

So join the 3D fantasy world of Land of Chaos Online, create and strengthen your character as you join the thrills of fast-paced combat against chilling enemy monsters and other players.

by Kyle Hayth

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