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Lady Popular
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Lady Popular Description

Every girl dreams of becoming an accomplished, beautiful, and smart woman one day. This is your opportunity to make the dream come true - at least in this wonderful online world...


While it is true that not every young girl dreams of becoming a supermodel or fashion icon, it certainly is true for some. It is certainly also the case that a few boys here and there adore nothing more than to follow the latest fashion trends, come up with new stylings, create pieces of art by applying makeup, and change their looks every other day to impress friends and strangers in clubs, malls, and other public spaces. All of this, and much more, is possible in Lady Popular! While the browser based game might fall under the "Games for Girls" category, this does not mean that it is exclusive to female players! Anyone who enjoys fashion, beauty, colors, and a fun game will enjoy this life simulation.

When you think of the genre, you might think of titles such as The Sims FreePlay first. This is totally justified, of course! Think of Lady Popular as a more specialized version of The Sims. Instead of covering all aspects of life, this fashion game focuses on the fun aspects of a jet-set lady, who wants nothing more than to be on the cover of your favorite fashion magazine.

The free-to-play game is available in the browser of your choice, allowing you to delve into the world of popular ladies from any computer that you have access to. All you need is to login to the title and continue where you left off. Naturally, you will need a steady internet connection as well!

In order to become a fashion icon, you need to start by exploring your city. There are thousands of opportunities to make a name for yourself in the colorful metropolis. There are malls, beauty salons, clubs, and a pet store. Pay regular visits to these establishments and present your new styles. Get an iconic pet and take good care of it! After all, what is a popular lady without an iconic companion? What would Paris Hilton have been without her chihuahas?

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