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La Tale
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La Tale Description

Uncover the mysteries behind Iris Livier in this magical fantasy world, full of unique creatures, beautiful lands, powerful swords, science, music, art and more!


La Tale is a client-based MMORPG set in the rich and colorful continent of Giendia, a place where fantasy and science fiction come together. Players start their journey in the kingdom of Elias, from which their La Tale adventure begins. As you embark on your journey, you must complete tricky quests, hunt down magical markers known as Stones, take on evil monsters, and attempt to unravel the mystery behind the story of Iris Livier.

The client-based fantasy game La Tale features side-scrolling console-style game play, with colorful anime-style graphics. Players can run, walk and jump their way across a variety of exciting environments, getting to know the land, making new friends and taking on enemies.

One of the first steps players take in the online game La Tale is to select their character class and customize their avatar. Avatars are highly customizable with a whole range of fashion items and accessories, equipment and weaponry, and even pets available.

Additionally, there are five character classes to choose from – the Warrior, the Knight, the Wizard, the Explorer and the Engineer. Each of these classes has a preferred weapon and fighting style, as well as the ability to upgrade, unlocking new skills and weaponry.

After you have undergone training and completed some quests, you are able to discover the dark dungeons in the online game La Tale - but be sure to be prepared for exciting battles against evil monsters!

by Kyle Hayth

La Tale Screenshots

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